Into the light. shh, we're talking.

Now that your eyes have adjusted, let me assure you that, yes, this is Soda's website. Gone is the dark little square and we've opened things up, given ourselves some room to grow. It's long overdue (seven years is an epoch in web years) and - we think - worth the wait, running on a combination of Drupal 7, HTML 5 and pixie dust.

Have you ever heard 'We're our own worst client'? Well, that's us. We put the redesign on the backburner so long it started to smoke, so we had to throw it out a few times. Then there were the unreasonable deadlines, the late nights, the bad coffee, the bad pay (we still haven't seen a dime). We would have fired us if we could. But, in the end, we've worked it out and ended up doing some things we wanted to do for a while: added an estimate form, updated our services and, of course, this blog. I know what you're thinking: great, just what the world needs, another blog that won't get updated or, worse, gets used as a place to pitch snakeoil. Nope. We'll be using this to discuss design, Drupal, HTML/CSS and anything else we think is interesting.*  Hopefully you'll find it interesting too.

In the meantime, take a look around. If you see anything weird, let us know (we're still not done fiddling). And don't forget to play with the 'flavour' chooser. 

*I'll try to make sure Shannon doesn't post pictures of the kids (yes, we're married) but I can't guarantee anything.