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Why Drupal?

There are several strong open-source Content Management Systems on the market today that can be used as a jumping-off point for a web project: Joomla (, Wordpress ( and, of course, Drupal ( Why do we feel so strongly that Drupal is the best choice?

Flexible, Extensible, Scaleable

Drupal is more a modular framework than a set of structured workflows. The advantage of this is that you don't need to retool basic functionality to work the way you want. Instead, you add the pieces you need when you need them, so excess overhead and obfuscation is reduced. If features are needed at a later time, they can be added then. Your website functionality doesn't have to be an absolute target.


Taxonomy (or category) handling in Drupal is world-class. Vocabularies (sets of categories) can be used to filter or modify the way your content is viewed in several powerful ways. Every different type of content (e.g. Pages, News Stories, Image Galleries, etc) can be set to adhere to specific Vocabulary rules; you can have one predetermined set of tags for Galleries and another (or several) for Blog posts. The advantage of this is that it lets users filter and discover content in more controlled ways. And best of all, short of assigning Terms, there's no administrative tasks needed to achieve this.

User Management

As a community-based platform, Drupal has strong user role and access control. Access can be limited based on the user roles you assign and you can create as many roles as needed. This also applies to publishing; certain roles can be assigned access to only read blogs, some to read all and write their own, some to edit all or certain content types, some who can submit content but must have it approved by another, etc. It's really a matter of deciding what (and who) you want to give access to.


Progress in Drupal is driven by its strong, passionate user-community. With proprietary systems, maintenance is often ignored, security and performance issues remaining unaddressed until something goes wrong. With Drupal, there are thousands of developers creating and contributing back to the community all the time, allowing you to utilize the built-in update system, applying the latest fixes with a few clicks . And Drupal has a strong track record; it's being used to serve websites by the US Government (,, Warner Brothers Records (, Via Rail (, The Onion ( and many, many others.

Other Features

  • Great SEO
  • Forums
  • Forms and Surveys
  • Version Control
  • Search Engine
  • And much, much more...

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